Wear it on your sleeve.

Sam in a screeching voice said, “DON’T MOVE Bob, you’ve got something on your shirt.” Bob jokingly chuckled, “Relax, it’s just a new sponsorship deal the team agreed on.”

Starting 2017-18 season of the English Premier League, there is going to be a new revenue stream for all the football clubs. For the first time, the body has decided to allow sponsorship on the sleeves of the team shirts.

This avenue now gives each team more money to invest within their club and set new and high targets. A top flight club can now earn up to 10-15 million pounds from the advertising space. If you are a thorough follower of FIFA and its football activities, you know the creators of the FIFA game put the EA Sports logo on the sleeves.

Although the new Premier League logo will have its place on the upper part of the sleeve, this year on year 20 percent generation of income is a welcome sign to all the stakeholders involved.

Manchester City players posing with the new sleeve sponsor.

Manchester City was the first mover to get a sleeve sponsor by partnering with Korean tire sponsor Nexen Tire. The Nexen Tire logo will appear on the sleeve of the Manchester City playing shirt for all Premier League games. The partnership has also been extended to include Women’s Super League and League Cup winners, Manchester City Women.

What this does is give Nexen Tire a platform to reach out to the local community and in turn offer job opportunities as well. You help grow your brand as well as help grow the business and most importantly the community.

As you already noticed, La Liga and the Ligue 1 have already reaped the benefits of the sleeve sponsorship; they are no match to the EPL when it comes to broadcast revenue or shirt sponsorship.

The benefits that shirt sleeve sponsorship agreements will bring both the sports teams and the brands they partner with are innumerable.

Here are some of the few I can think of:

  • More eyeballs on your website
  • Reach out to newer audiences
  • Build and strengthen the relationship with your customers
  • Make more noise than before
  • Launch that new product, FINALLY
  • Stretch out your arms and expand

Premier League clubs will still have the PL logo on their left sleeve while the right sleeve will go to the sponsor.

Secondary sponsorship is coming to a sleeve near you soon! Watch out, it is only getting started.

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