To Be A Champion: Yes I Can

Everyone wants to be a champion. The title across your name will stay there for eons to come. But what does it take to get there, to be judged the best amongst the best. Well the answers can vary from person to person, but one main point that comes through it is – mental toughness. One needs to have this attribute at the core of what you want to wish for.

The first step in the journey towards being a champion is OPTIMISM. You just have to be optimistic toward your goals. This gives you a sense of purpose and a reason to get up every morning with a bright smile. Remember the saying, “The glass is half full.” One needs to also have a plan. Create small milestones on your way to being a champion. If you do that, you’re guaranteed to be a success; I mean what is holding you back? Be you, be optimistic; it will take time. In the world of competitiveness, deal with stress well, because they always have an optimistic approach towards the goal. For e.g. when a marathoner is trailing the leader, he is always optimistic that his fellow rival will slow down, and that is time to make your move. Champions look for opportunities or better yet create opportunities when others have already lost the race. Another factor which is important is the experience from your past struggles and wins. Using that as your base, you can learn from the right now and adapt for the best result. Keep that in mind.

Image source: Pexels

The second step in the journey towards the crowing of a champion is MIND OVER MATTER. This in fact needs to be developed at every stage. Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Michael Schumacher – all of them have failed more number of times before they started winning. You need to have the mental toughness to get to the destination. The harder you fall down, the stronger you get back up. FEAR – is the main culprit here. Champions fear losing, champions fear an X crossed against their name, champions FEAR a smudge on their unbeaten record. It is how we take all that anger and convert into a positive and favourable result. Look at any athlete and the one thing they teach us is to respect failure; but at the same time do not give into it.

The final point in making of a champion is FOCUS. Well, yes, one of the most important pillars there is. This focus only comes when you’re happy mentally and physically. To elaborate on it; meaning your breathing and movement need to be in sync. Listen to your body. It is vital for you to understand the way your body functions in terms of adversity or failure. They say, one must think positive or have the right attitude when doing a job. Why so? You must be thinking, this fool is ‘extra positive’ and needs a smack in the head to get back to reality. But in fact, that theory is right. You. Must. Think. Positive. With this, positive energy flows through you from head to toe. And suddenly everything will fall into place. Your movement is better, your respond to wrong decisions in the right manner. Unshackle those past traumas and anxieties, just let them go and attract positivity into your game/sport. When this is imbibed in your brain, remember to always, ALWAYS stay in the present. Good things are achieved to those who fear nothing and know of a positive outcome.

Whether it’s an Olympic race or a team sport or the rat race, in the boardroom or out there on the field, cultivating the mind of a champion with these three building blocks will eventually developing peak performance. Be a champion, think like a champion and then all you ever do in life will bring a change in your surroundings.



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